Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lilla Rogers Make Art that Sells Project 1

Yikes, I have been so busy lately, but thought I would quickly share the start of my first project for Lilla Rogers Make Art that Sells (MATS) class I am taking. After the Global Talent Search, I decided that I really want to focus more on my art and improving my portfolio. So, I decided to sign up for Liila's class. She is one of the greatest Art agents in the world, so it will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about creating beautiful sellable art! Also, there are a lot of very talented students enrolled in the class to learn from as well. Yay! 

MATS Assignment 1: To create a series of patterns inspired by vintage casserole dishes and berries:

These are some alternate colorways I explored.

Some sketches to get ideas flowing.

This is what I used to create all of the shapes in my final patterns. I drew a bunch of silhouettes with a black ink pen, took a pic with my phone (my 12 year old scanner died this week), and then I image traced in illustrator turning the shapes into vector art.