Sunday, September 7, 2014

Artists Around the World Blog Hop!

I was invited by the very talented Sabine Reinhart to participate in the Artists Around the World Blog Hop. I have adored Sabine's illustrations ever since I first laid eyes on them in Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sales (MATS) Bootcamp course. Sabine's illustration style is filled with sweet characters, layered textures, and lots of little details to enjoy. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces by Sabine. 

You can see more of Sabines gorgeous designs on her website.
Thanks so much for the invitation Sabine!  
Sabine has passed on a few questions for me to answer about myself.  (1) What are you working on?
About this time last year, I decided that I want to focus on illustration. My background is in Graphic Design, but I have always loved to draw. After entering Global Talent Search 2013 and making it into the top 50, I decided to go back to school. I signed up for Lilla Rogers' MATS A & B and MATS Bootcamp to build my portfolio and strengthen my illustration skills. As of right now I am concentrating on the Global Talent Search 2014. I made it into the top 50 shortlist and have submitted my round 2 piece.I am also focusing on creating lots of new art for licensing opportunities. 

My 2014 Global Talent Search entry.

(2) How does your work differ from others in your genre? 

All of my work is created in Adobe Illustrator (AI). I draw most of the bits by hand on sheets of white printer paper with ink or pen, scan my doodles, and refine them in AI. Most of my art is filled with textures. I love to create my own textures with colored pencils, crayons, ink, antique lace, and vintage paper clippings. I have fun with color. I enjoy using bright and unusual color combinations. I love to draw cute characters, to create scenes that tell a story, and to incorporate fun details into every bit. I love to make illustrations that one can look at and enjoy for a while. 

One of my favorites from MATS Bootcamp.

(3) Why do you create?

Creating is my passion, whether it be sewing, gardening, cooking, crafting, drawing, or arranging my favorite things by color. I can't imagine my life without creating. 
(4) How does your creative process work?
Finding inspiration is very important to my creative process. I love to look through thrift stores, estate sales, books, and online in search of things for inspiration. I surround myself with things that I love, bring me joy, and inspire me. It might be a fun floral fabric from the 60's that gives me color inspiration or a cute outfit on a little girl in an old McCall's magazine that inspires a character. My husband calls it "look at pretty things time." After I have a fun idea, I draw and doodle freely on white printer paper. This is something I have learned from taking Lilla's MATS courses. Then I scan each paper into my computer and image trace in AI. After I finish the illustration, I play with the color to make sure I have a great palette. I do this either in AI or I bring a JPG into Photoshop and play with the hue/saturation. I take screen shots of of the color combos I like as I go.
Some inspiration on my desk today.

Now I would like to introduce two very talented artists that inspire me. These lovely ladies will keep the blog hop hopping. First up is Lien Geeroms.
I love Lien's illustration style and first saw her work in the 2013 Global Talent Search. I met Lien in MATS B and was thrilled to have her a classmate. I love her use of textures, sense of color, and charming characters. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces by Lien.

Check out more of Lien's stunning work on her website.  Next is Janna Krupinski 
Janna's work is beautiful and sweet. I was in MATS Bootcamp with Janna. I love her happy colors, sweet characters, and great typography. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces by Janna.

Check out more of Janna's lovely work on her website.